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think bingo...but better!

Are you new to thrifting? Does the thought of thrifting actually freak you out? Not down for a second-hand find? WELL! That's okay...if you choose to accept this challenge - beneficiares of this fun will not be disappointed! 

Join me (Amy Poppins as I'm affectionately referred to) for 12 months of thrifting wonderment! We're gonna thrift...we're gonna forage...we're gonna have a ball doing it! Forage makes me think of hobbits turning over rocks and hollowing out trees to find treasure and by golly, that's pretty much the most fun imagiantive writing I could think of. With a few exceptions - we won't be knocking over trees or grubbing in the dirt, but we might indeed frolick through a field to our nearest thrift store and celtic music might be playing in the background! 

All you need to do is:
1- Right click and download this free 12 month thrifting calendar, created by yours truly. 
You can even take a screeshot so you have it with you at all times...close to your heart and every thrifty whim.
2- Follow me on Instagram and tag me when you FIND your foraged treasure @missamylife.
3- Sit back and marvel, be overjoyed and fall in love with all the new (yet used) items you're adding to your world! 


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Hey friend! I'm Amy. Wife, mama, crafter, wanna be designer who loves thrifting and Louis Vuitton. I love to cook, hate to fold laundry and try REAL hard not to take myself too seriously. I'm glad you're here! 

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Image by Toa Heftiba

This month we're looking for BOOKS! All kinds of literature from childrens, teens, self help (or is it politically correct to say self improvement? Cook books (my favorite to thrift) and more! 

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